Derek - Australia

Dave D. Michigan

Pauline F. Seattle, WA - USA

Working with Rebecca has transformed my relationship with my spouse.  It has shone a light on so many ways I can be better in my marriage and even in my other relationships.  I knew there was work to do, and my past efforts hadn't gotten much results.  When we talk, it seems like she's able to sum it all up and spin it back in a truly meaningful way.  Rebecca has the incredible talent of showing deep compassion without getting caught up in the story and this enables her to be a truly effective coach.  Nothing gets past her and she keeps moving forward with ease and comfort so that sometimes I don't even realize that I'm taking a different stance on a subject.  My marriage is better now, and my confidence in myself is higher.  The 40-day program is intense and I really had to be committed.  The content of the program progresses smoothly and at the end of 40 days I believe I have more tools than I started with, a greater appreciation of my own talents, a stronger commitment to my marriage, and a far deeper trust and understanding of my spouse.  If you put in the time and energy to this program, you can't help but come away with many gifts.  Learning, growth, emotion, femininity, connectedness... it's all in this program.  I'm so thankful that I made this commitment to myself.

Jayson M. – Alabama, USA

Words can’t do justice for the way I feel about Alonzo and knowing that he is in my corner but I will do my best to sum it up. Since I’ve known Alonzo he has been a huge inspiration to me. This man will not ask you do anything that he is not willing to do with you. His intentions are pure, he lives his life based off the wisdom that he teaches, and he is very passionate about his convictions. This world is full of information but very little wisdom. That is where Alonzo separates himself from anyone else because he teaches you wisdom, then teaches you when, where, and how to wisely apply the learnings. He will help you to look inside yourself for that place in you that is unbreakable and help you to pull it out. In our time together when I’ve needed fatherly advice he was a father, when I’ve needed brotherly advice he was a brother, and when I needed someone to confide my deepest secrets in he was a confidant as well. Every person in my life that knew me before I started working with Alonzo knows that I am not the same man I was just 70 days ago. I started the process of taking my relationship to the gym to help in my marriage but what I came to find is that every relationship that I have has been positively impacted from it. To put it in as simple terms as I can my life, my marriage, my family, and my business will be forever positively impacted because of this mountain of a man who chooses to get up every morning and take his relationship to the gym. I thank God every day that he loved his Wife enough to create this program for himself and for his marriage. I also thank God that he decided to allow the rest of us to share in the success he has enjoyed.

Peter S. Rhode Island - USA

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-7-59-30-pmMy work so far with Alonzo has been outstanding. Most of it is on the surface is around managing family and business.  In all reality it's about perspective, asking the right questions, pausing before reacting, exercising and food.  My wife often asks, what would Alonzo say or can you see what Alonzo thinks...and thus beings a conversation with someone who is 100% non-judgmental and totally has your back, even when the chips are way down. After 25 years in marketing within publishing I started my own business and I knew I needed help.  Not how to execute marketing strategies and tactics for others, that's the easy part.  The hard part for me was knowing in my heart - with an "iron will" of conviction - that this will work, and realizing that failure is never really failure. Then focus, where to focus, how to focus. All of these answers, and more are within all of us.  Alonzo was the match to ignite this. If you are looking for someone to tell you what to do "this ain't it".  If you're looking for someone who will help uncover the greatness that lies within you and your business - this is it.

Grahm T. - Australia 

Kyle D. - Alabama

When I first met Alonzo I had absolutely no idea what he did for a living. What I did know is that he was a fantastic individual who wanted the best for those around him and ensured the each individual got what they needed during our time of service. This very fact motivated me to seek him out to the point that I arranged a business meeting in Utah not with him but on the off chance that I meet him and see if it was true. Did he live congruently? What I found was not only did he walk the walk he lived it! He had an amazing relationship with his beautiful wife, and the connection and interaction with his daughter that completely blew me away. We went to his favorite restaurant where we all had a blast, not just us but everyone around us the atmosphere was infectious and we had a night that I will never forget. Especially frog! Alonzo generously invited us back to his house – Oh, I didn’t mention that I brought a co-worker with me who was quickly enchanted by the Cahoon family. He commented that his own family did not make him feel as welcome and Alonzo’s family did that evening. So does he drive a BMW? No a Ford F250 jacked up and when we get to his house there is an elk and mule deer above the fire place but more important than that there are these amazing pictures of his family on every wall. I knew then that this guy was for real, this was his home, his life, not something turned on and off. This is who he really was and is! Needless to say I wanted to know how in world was he able to do this? Could my life work like this? Could I be this happy? Could my wife be as happy with me as his was with him? They were really in love and it was not a show.

We talked late into the night and I found a great deal about Alonzo’s life and what actually did for a living. Turned out he helped people to get their lives straight especially men like me who loved my wife with all my heart but only seemed to hit the mark once a week or sometimes once a month. I was tired, she was tired, and there was no spark, just love. The fire and passion had died with a woman that I would have killed for, that I met in a warzone; we had overcome language barriers, social barriers, religious barriers, cultural barriers, and the disapproval of both our families. We dated in secret for five years and would drive forty minutes one way to see her for just five minutes and make sure she got home safe. What has happened? The answer most people would give you that love fades with time and that is natural progression. Passion fades to a numb acceptance of sex on Saturday night and a kiss is an obligation when arriving or departing.

Then I started on 40 days and nights of focus on my relationship with my wife. I focused on her and everything she was, is and will be. Alonzo guided my on a journey to rediscover this magnificent creature, this mystery that God had blessed me with a chance to be in her presence everyday. My beautiful wife, my lover, my friend, she has returned to her rightful place, being first in my life.

No one I know or have every known expects me to send them a text at 0500 in the morning and then sends, one back with questions expecting answers. Almost everyday for eight months straight and on the days that I didn’t send one I received one. Where are you? Where are your standards? Who are you becoming? Questions that hit home and get you moving on those days that need that boost when it matters most.

I cannot say enough about what he has done for my family and me over the past eight month. But just today my wife said, I haven’t met Alonzo in person but I love him and what he has done for us.

Alonzo and Rebecca – words cannot express my gratitude for what you all do so selflessly for others. Thank you from our entire family and thank you making us part of yours! We love you!

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