Master Mind Group

By invitation only

This is a program designed to dive into some of the core principles of success, and ingrain them into your daily lives until you have reached the point of Mastery. It is all about integrating and LIVING the principles that you have all heard and learned, and gives you the opportunity to put these principles to work so that you become unconsciously competent in these areas.   Although it will initially kick off with the book "Think and Grow Rich",  there are other books that the group will also work through over the course of the year.


Robert K.  Austin, TX:  I know that I am biased, but in my personal opinion this is such a catalyst for whomever decides to participate in this group.  The commitment to dive in and master the principles in the book "Think and Grow Rich" alone took us to the next level in my life.  Then the there are the intangible benefits: a group of lifelong friends around the world who I can work thru business challenges with.  It was a fantastic and life enhancing program.

Brief summary of what the program will include:

1.  It will consist of a group of 8 individuals (max)

2.  There will be daily reading and homework based upon the principles that you will be  studying/incorporating at the time

3.  Weekly group discussion meetings - to mastermind, discuss and hold each other accountable.

4.  Possibility of adding an additional individual coaching call with Alonzo each week.

5.   The Program will begin the first week in December and will run for one year.