Why a Body Image Coach?

To say that the quality of most American's health today is a concern would be an great understatement. With the increase in portion sizes, increase in chemicals, various forms of sugar, and additives that have been added to our food, our bodies are becoming a complete casualty of a commercialized food industry. You do not have to look very far to see the devastating impact that having this type of relationship with food is having on our nation. Not to mention the mental damage that it creates within most of the women in our society.

Women today are flooded with imagery and messages telling them exactly what is to be perceived as beautiful. And if/when a woman feels like she is at a place where she doesn't measure up to those perceived standards, she mentally beats herself up for not being good enough.

There is a constant battle going on each day for most women who are trying as hard as they possibly can to find some sense of rationality in this fight to finding a path that will ultimately lead them to feeling good in their own skin. The abuse that so many women put themselves through mentally and physically each day to reach what they believe to be their goals is saddening.

This Women's Health and Body Image Coaching was designed to help women break through all of the mixed messaging that exists in the world today and help them discover their true path to health, both mentally and physically. It addresses almost every issue with regards to women's health and body images that we face, from eating disorders and body image issues, to emotional attachments with food (binge eating, compulsive over-eating, etc), to developing a real solution to finding your healthy weight, or just those who are looking to improve the quality of their health.

It is my belief that all women are amazing and beautiful creatures by design, and this coaching program just helps women sift through all of the "bs" that is out there so that they can rediscover that for themselves.