Rebecca Cahoon

Rebecca Cahoon is an author, and international personal development coach. She is also a wife and mother, fitness instructor, business owner, and skier during the winter months in Utah. As a Coach, Rebecca's area's of specialty and passion lie in helping women find true happiness in their lives, Rebecca has helped countless numbers of both men and women heal sufferings and find true solutions to the challenges in their lives.

Rebecca's expertise as a personal development coach, and a specialist in both health/women's body issues and relationships, stems from both her formal/professional education as well as her own personal mastery in each of these areas. Rebecca has often said that the very best type of coach is one that not only has the skills necessary to be a coach, but also has the unique insight that is only gained from personal experience. A great coach knows the difference and distinctions between someone who  "knows what to do" vs. someone who has actually done it. Someone could have told you what it was going to be like to be a mom, but that knowing is nothing like what it felt like when you actually became one.   And that is the difference.


Alonzo Cahoon

Alonzo Cahoon is a leading authority in the area of personal development. He is a relationship turn around expert and a master trainer in individual human development. He is a private consultant/trainer who works with individuals, business owners and executives all around the world to help them overcome the mental barriers that prevent people from taking their lives to the next level in whatever area it is that they desire.

At the age of 14 Alonzo was living in a shed out behind his families home, and by the age of 16, he had moved out on his own to finish school.

Being responsible for himself, Alonzo gained emotional fortitude, resourcefulness and learned what it takes to create achievement at a very young age, which he then compounded by making the decision to join the US Marine Corps after High School.

While serving in the Military, Alonzo gained additional mental strength by developing unwavering discipline, commitment and brotherhood. After his service, Alonzo used all of these strengths to create several different businesses which brought him great successes. However, despite these achievements, through it all Alonzo had two failed marriages. And several years into his third marriage, he reached a point where he felt like this marriage was also going to fail. It was at this point that Alonzo made the decision that he would do whatever it took to make this marriage work.

This new determination inspired Alonzo to study and master the field of personal development and human relationships. Today, Alonzo is one of the top relationship turnaround and human development coaches in the world. Both his 45 Day Relationship Turn around program and his 45 Day Personal Development Program have been highly acclaimed for changing the lives and relationships of countless individuals Internationally.